India’s Sunken Cities

Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age: Season 1, Episode 2

Graham Hancock’s mind bending series on underwater civilisations, lost to humanity after being buried by the great floods at the end of the Ice Age. Are the stories about a great flood that come from all over the world true? Do these ancient traditions and myths talk of real events, and can this time be pinpointed to the end of the ice age when sea levels rose by four hundred feet? In this programme, a huge city is found under the sea off the Western coast of India which could be related to the ancient Indus Valley civilisation. Does this civilisation go back farther than five thousand years? Also, in southern India a new site is found off the coast…

Marine archaeology shows a number of submerged sites off the coast of Kachchh and Cambay in what would have then been the old Sarasvati delta region. A Gulf of Cambay urban site has been dated by Indian archaeologists to 7500 BCE. This would totally change our view of history as we now date cities only after 3500 BCE. 

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Octavio Po
Octavio Po
7 years ago

Very good presentation. First World Real Civilization: Bharat Continent -not sub-continent-.