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Raireshwar Temple – Where Shivaji took the oath of Hindu Swarajya

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Raireshwar Temple:- An Introduction


India is a mystical land with many ancient, beautiful temples spread across its landscape. Many temples carry with their legacy stories of courage and grit. Raireshwar temple is also known for an interesting story related to Shivaji and his oath. Moreover, the mystical Raireshwar temple is a witness to India’s early struggle for independence or SWARAJ. 


Shivaji, The Great Maratha Ruler:-

Before we learn about the importance of the Raireshwar temple in Indian ethos, let’s mention certain essential qualities of the great man behind making it so famous. Yes, you heard it right! India’s Great and invincible icon, specifically, Maharashtra-Shivaji Maharaj. 

Shivaji was born with commendable traits, bravery, honesty, the ferocity to fight for freedom, a genuine interest in the welfare of the people of his country. He was a man who had great foresight. He chose such places where the defense can be made a weapon. 

He is also known as the Father of the Navy as he was the first person to realize the importance of having a naval force. 

Historical Significance of Raireshwar temple:-

Raireshwar temple is famously known for its historical importance. It is said that here, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, all of 16 years old, took the oath of Hindavi Swaraj on 27 April 1645 by cutting his little finger. The blood dripping from the finger was dedicated to Shivalinga inside the temple as an epitome of his truthful oath.

We all know the rest that happened. Shivaji was one of India’s most exemplary leaders, who inspired and is still inspiring the crowds.


Where is the temple located? 

Raireshwar temple is located near Pune, Maharashtra. To be specific. It is located in Bhor Taluka, Pune. It is surrounded by majestic hills and forts such as Kenjalgad. The place nearby the temple is ideal for camping.

Architectural Design of the temple:-

The entire temple is stone and has a rock-solid structure with a metal roof. It was rebuilt in 18 th century. Constructed on a plateau, it becomes more beautiful when various flowers surround it during the monsoon.

Meaning of Shivaji’s oath:-

Hindavi Swaraj, the oath taken by Shivaji, literally meant a big denial to live as enslaved people. It was a massive call towards freedom with Lord Raireshwar as a prime witness. Even today, the temple’s architecture has portraits of Shivaji with his ardent followers. 

Shivaji’s words were, “God thinks this kingdom should shape as HIndavi Swaraj. We shall see that God’s wish is fulfilled “.

Key details of the temple:-

  • Maintained by:- local Jungam community.
  • Timings to visit:- 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • What:- A 400-year-old structure with historical relevance.

Historians believe that Shivaji chose this temple as the oath-taking place because its location was favorable back then. It was not easily accessible at that time, so secret meetings could be organized here with lesser chances of being caught. Because of this reason, Shivaji and his followers opted for the Raireshwar temple as the focal point from where they would begin the Maratha march towards freedom.

There are undoubtedly other places worth seeing near Raireshwar temple. These are also considered tourist attractions. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Kenjalgad 
  2. Waghjai temple
  3. Ashwalkhind
  4. Nageshwar temple
  5. The Hanging bridge

Villages nearby the temple are also beautiful to visit and are ideal for hiking adventures.


How to reach Raireshwar temple? 

Now Raireshwar temple is easily accessible through the public or private mode of transport. The road route from Pune is quite good, and one can easily reach the temple through this route, enjoying the natural beauty along the way. The temple is around 82 km from Pune, near Bhor.

One can take flight or rail or road route till Pune. After reaching Pune, a private taxi can also be hired to visit the temple and its nearby places. The place is connected quite well with all the major cities across India. So, you can choose air travel, rail transport or road route as per your convenience. 

Many travel companies offer a good travel plan, including a visit to the temple with an itinerary including the places as mentioned above surrounding it. However, it would be an eye delight for the tourists and other nature enthusiasts to cover the entire scenic location surrounding the Raireshwar temple. 

It is a haven for people who love to hike and go camping. Reasonable packages are being provided, including hiking, camping, sightseeing, etc., that can help you soak in the scenic beauty here. 


Raireshwar temple is an indispensable part of Maratha history. It has been a stoic witness to Shivaji Maharaj’s immense bravery, love for his motherland, and wish to bring happiness to his fellowmen’s lives. So, it’s a place that should be seen, written about, and promoted as India’s proud heritage.

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