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Shivoham Shiva Temple- History, Popular Attractions, Rituals and Temple Timings!

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Shivoham Shiva Temple- History, Popular Attractions, Rituals and Temple Timings!

The Shivoham Shiva Temple is a sacred Hindu shrine located in the heart of Bengaluru’s Kempfort Mall parking lot! It is a revered place of worship for devotees of Lord Shiva, one of the most important deities in the Hindu pantheon. The temple is known for its beautiful architecture and quiet atmosphere, which make it a popular place for tourists and people looking for spiritual growth.

The history of the Shivoham Shiva Temple dates back centuries, with the original structure believed to have been built in 1995. Over the years, the temple has undergone several renovations and expansions, with the current building being the result of renovations in 2015–16. Despite these changes, the temple has maintained its traditional style and cultural significance.

So, today in this article, let’s learn more about the history and architectural significance of this divine shrine!

The Interesting History Behind the Shivoham Shiva Temple!

The Shivoham Shiva Temple, formerly known as the Shiv Mandir, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to 1995. It all began when the founder of the temple had a vision of a grand temple where a massive statue of Lord Shiva would stand tall as a beacon of hope and faith for generations to come. Determined to bring this vision to life, the founder set out to build the temple with the help of renowned sculptor Kashinath, who was tasked with creating the idol of Lord Shiva.

What makes this temple particularly unique is that it was built without the use of a blueprint or plan, relying instead on the founder’s vision and the skill of the craftspeople involved. In February 1995, the temple was finally consecrated by Sri Shankaracharya of Sringeri, marking a significant milestone in its history. Since then, the Shivoham Shiva Temple has served as a place of worship and spiritual contemplation for Hindus from all walks of life.

However, in 2016, the temple underwent a transformation when it was renamed from its former name, Shiv Mandir, to Shivoham Shiva Temple. Along with the name change came a shift in focus, with the temple now dedicated to helping people attain Moksha, or spiritual liberation, through the study and understanding of ancient Vedic texts.

Today, the Shivoham Shiva Temple stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the human spirit. Its beautiful statue of Lord Shiva and peaceful atmosphere continue to draw worshippers and tourists from all over the world, making it a truly special and revered place!

Deity Statutes in the Shivoham Shiva Temple

1. 65-foot-tall Shiva Statue

At the heart of the Shivoham Shiva Temple stands a stunning 65-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva, the central deity of the temple. The statue is a sight to behold, with intricate details and a serene expression that exudes a sense of calm and peace.

Visitors to the temple can’t help but feel awed by the sheer size and grandeur of the statue, which serves as a reminder of the power and majesty of Lord Shiva.

Shivoham Shiva Temple- History, Popular Attractions, Rituals and Temple Timings Mystery of India

2. 32-foot-tall Ganesh Statue

In addition to the 65-foot-tall Shiva statue, the Shivoham Shiva Temple also features a 32-foot-tall statue of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity who is revered as the remover of obstacles.

The statue is beautifully crafted, with every detail meticulously carved to capture the essence of Lord Ganesh. At this shrine, people can pray to the god and give gifts to get his or her blessings for a smooth and successful journey through life.

3. 25-foot-tall Shiva Ling

For devotees of Lord Shiva, the Shivoham Shiva Temple also features a 25-foot-tall Shiva Ling, a sacred stone that represents the deity in the form of a phallus. The Shiva Ling is considered a symbol of fertility and creation and is revered as a sacred object of worship.

When people go to the temple, they can pay their respects and pray at the Shiva Ling, asking Lord Shiva to bless them with a happy, full life.

Rituals Offered at the Shivoham Shiva Temple

1. Pahadi Shiv Dham Yatra

The Shivoham Shiva Temple is home to a popular ritual known as the Pahadi Shiv Dham Yatra, a spiritual journey that takes devotees on a trek through the mountains to visit various holy sites dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This yatra, or pilgrimage, is believed to bring good fortune and spiritual enlightenment to those who undertake it. On the way, participants will stop at a number of temples and holy places, and the trip will end with a stop at the Shivoham Shiva Temple.

2. Barah Jyotir Ling Yatra

Another popular ritual offered at the Shivoham Shiva Temple is the Barah Jyotir Ling Yatra, a journey to visit the twelve most sacred Jyotir Linga sites in India.

These sites are believed to be the holiest places to worship Lord Shiva, and visiting them is said to bring great blessings and spiritual fulfillment. Participants in the yatra will go to each of the twelve places, ending with the Shivoham Shiva Temple.

3. Ganga Snaan

The Shivoham Shiva Temple is also home to the Ganga Snaan ritual, in which devotees take a holy bath in the sacred waters of the Ganges river.

This ritual is believed to purify the mind, body, and soul and is said to bring blessings and spiritual liberation. The Ganga Snaan ritual is usually done during the Maha Shivratri festival and other happy times.

4. Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri is a major festival celebrated at the Shivoham Shiva Temple, honoring the deity Lord Shiva. On this day, devotees flock to the temple to offer their prayers and make special offerings to the deity.

The festival is marked by various rituals and ceremonies, including the Ganga Snaan and the lighting of special lamps. During Maha Shivratri, people who go to the temple will find it lively and full of celebration. They will hear devotional music and smell incense.

Light and Sound Show at the Shivoham Shiva Temple

Experience the divine in a whole new way with the Light and Sound Show at the Shivoham Shiva Temple. Every evening at 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 p.m., the temple transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle of light and sound that brings the stories and teachings of Lord Shiva to life. Everyone who sees this one-of-a-kind show will remember it forever. It gives a glimpse into the rich and lively culture of Hinduism.

As you step inside the temple, you’ll be transported to a world of wonder and enchantment. The walls and ceiling are alive with vibrant displays of light and color, depicting scenes from Hindu mythology and the life of Lord Shiva. The show tells the story of Lord Shiva and his role in the universe. It is set to a beautiful soundtrack of devotional music and gives a fascinating look into Hindu beliefs and traditions.

Whether you are a devout follower of Lord Shiva or simply seeking a unique cultural experience, the Light and Sound Show at the Shivoham Shiva Temple is not to be missed. So come to this holy place and get lost in its divine beauty and wisdom to learn about the power of faith and devotion.

How to reach the Shivoham Shiva Temple and What are the temple timings?

Located on the Old Airport Road in Bengaluru, the Shivoha Shiva Temple is easily accessible by a wide range of public transport options. Visitors can take an autorickshaw or cab from any part of the city, or make their way to the temple on foot from the nearby Kemps Fort, one of the city’s most popular attractions.

For those traveling to Bengaluru by air, the Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is the nearest airport, with radio cabs and prepaid taxis available to take you to the temple. The Shivoha Shiva Temple is also easily reached by train, with the Bangalore City Railway Station located just 12 km away. Alternatively, visitors can take the metro to the Indiranagar station and then catch an autorickshaw to the temple.

As far as temple timings go, the Shivoha Shiva Temple is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it a convenient destination for visitors at any time. So, whether you’re planning a quick stopover or an extended visit, the Shivoha Shiva Temple is always ready to welcome you with open arms!

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