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7 Reasons Why Gold Jewellery Is Good To Buy & Wear

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The practice of wearing jewellery is as old as mankind. The history of Indian jewellery can be traced back 5000 years. Indian Jewellery is the creator’s artistic expression, the wearer’s emotional and aesthetic expression, and the gift givers priceless expression of love. 

Indian Jewellery has travelled through history. Starting, perhaps, from the Indus Valley civilization, through the Sangam era, the Mughal era, and the British Raj, the designs have changed, been adapted, been embellished, gained richness, but the base has always remained that precious, yellow metal – gold. 

Collection of gold jewellery for the daughter of the house as part of the wedding trousseau is a well-planned scheme in most Indian families. It often starts even before the baby reaches her first birthday and with a range of facilities to buy gold Jewellery online, it has become even more convenient.

But have you ever wondered why gold is the popular option for jewellery?

Well, here are seven reasons why… (Disclaimer: The list of reasons is not complete or comprehensive. There could be several more!)

  1. It’s Traditional

Gold jewellery is an inseparable, integral part of Indian society and culture. It is considered auspicious, a symbol of well-being and prosperity and believed to usher good luck.

Take the gold mangalsutra, for example. It is a symbol of married status. It is a way of exhibiting marital stability. No matter what the economic status of the Indian woman’s family, the gold mangalsutra is something she will definitely get at her wedding.

Wearing gold jewellery demonstrates your respect for traditions and your roots. You’ll be looked at with disdain or suspicion if you turn up at an auspicious occasion like a wedding, house-warming or any other special social event with no jewellery. And this is true across religions and regions in India, especially in South India.



  1. It’s Beneficial

Gold is believed to react well with the body’s energy and aura. Gold, according to ancient astrological beliefs, can help unblock constrictions and improve blood flow through the body. It is said to bring mental peace and dispel stress and depression. Gold tipped needles used in acupuncture unblock energy flow and reduce pain.

So, wearing gold is good for you – both physically and mentally.

  1. It’s Timeless

The magical eternity and timelessness of gold jewellery add a value to gold jewellery that is beyond measurement or quantification. Gold jewellery can be worn through generations. Some classic designs, have been around for centuries and are still in vogue. 

  1. It’s Investment


Buying gold has always been considered a wise investment decision. It is viewed as a better investment than paper currency, which is so dependent on several social and economic factors, both domestic and global. Jewellery given to a bride during her wedding is also seen as a source of financial security to be used in case of an emergency.

  1. It’s Versatile


As far as accessorizing, fashion rules and norms go, gold is the most versatile. You can wear gold jewellery during the day or night. You can wear gold jewellery to work or for an occasion. You can wear it as daily wear, or you can wear it for special events. You can wear it with any outfit, Indian, Western or Fusion. You can wear it whether you are a man, woman or child. It is age neutral. There can be none that can match gold in versatility.


  1. It’s Prestigious


The prestige attached to wearing and possessing gold is undebatable. The amount of gold one possesses is often an indication of where one can be slotted in the socio-economic scale. Of course, modern times and younger generations have perhaps changed the yardstick to measure success and affluence, but it has historically been gold. And the respect for gold will never diminish.


  1. It’s Beautiful


The seventh and last reason, but definitely and by no means the least, is that is beautiful! It can be crafted to produce aesthetic results that can elicit squeals of delight or dumbstruck silences of awe.


Whether it’s a simple gold mangalsutra for the neck, or an elaborate choker for the throat, the variety that is available is astounding. Gold necklace designs, gold bangle designs, gold earring designs – there are so many creative pieces available and possible, with several more waiting to be imagined and crafted!


So, pick up your laptop, and check out the Vaibhav Jewellers website to buy gold jewellery and temple jewellery online. On their website, you can indulge in state-of-the-art video shopping. They also offer free transit insurance on international shipments, and free domestic shipping.

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