Here you will find a list of web sites which we think our readers may find interesting. We do not necessarily endorse or agree with all content, but nevertheless, they provide much food for thought.

Veda Wikidot: This wiki site Veda is dedicated to understanding Hinduism, the oldest living religion on earth. It covers information related to Hindu (Vedic) concepts, teachings, philosophy, scriptures and everything that we can think of related to the Hindu Dharma.

Ancient-Origins: An amazing website on a wide variety of historical topics. Highly recommended.

India Facts: IndiaFacts is a platform for serious enquiry and discussion on dharma, comparative religion, cross-civilizational issues, Indology, and India-related topics. It aims to provide a counter to the mainstream media narrative about India.

Ancient Code: Ancient Code, where History, Archaeology and the unknown come together. Deciphering History together, piece by piece. has been the major website on the ancient Indus Civilization (3500-1700 BCE) since 1995.

Ishta Devata: Ishta Devata organizes information about Hindu temples, practices and rituals that make up the rich Hindu pantheon.

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